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LinkedIn is the most active professional social network in the world. According to their press materials, they have over 90 million members, with roughly half of those members residing in the United States. If you are not a member of LinkedIn yet, I highly recommend joining the website to grow your own professional social network. If you are already a member, and you work in insurance or reinsurance as an underwriter, accountant, actuary, risk manager, claims professional, financial analyst, agent or other insurance role, this article will begin to list for you some of the more active insurance-related jobs and discussion groups on LinkedIn. If you search for "insurance" among LinkedIn groups, it returns over 5,000 groups. Linked In Marketing Software Risk, Regulation and Reporting is one of the largest LinkedIn groups. Insurance topics covered by its members include European insurance regulations (Solvency II), international accounting standards (IAS), international financial reporting standards (IFRS), asset-liability management, risk management, regulatory issues, governance and compliance. I also recommend their Solvency II and US Insurance subgroups. Discussions at the Global Insurance Professionals group recently included catastrophe risk, marketing strategies, insurance startups, emerging risks and appropriate workplace behavior. Not to be confused with "Global Insurance Professionals", Insurance Professionals invites producers, underwriters, risk managers, claims personnel, actuarial analysts and others to discuss pricing, insurance careers, coverage questions, network security, customer service, small business advice and other topics. Property and Casualty and Life and Health subgroups cover more specific line of business topics. The subgroup Insurance Professionals has covered issues such as cold calling, underwriting, European insurance startups, healthcare reform and capital modeling.

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